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There are around 30 deaths and 4,000 accidents annually in the UK involving electrics – and most of these could be easily prevented.

Periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations and the issue of Electrical Condition Reports are recommended for all domestic properties. In particular if properties are rented out or used by the public, testing is strongly recommended to comply with the law. Tests are also often required by insurance companies and by surveyors and mortgage companies in connection with house purchases.

We provide approved Electrical Installation Condition Reports based on in depth inspection and testing for all fixed domestic electrical installations. These reports are usually valid for between 5 and 10 years. They provide a comprehensive assessment of the safety of the electrical installation in a property and identify whether it meets current Wiring Regulations.

With every test report we issue we also provide details of any upgrade work that may be required, and a fixed price quotation to carry it out. We are able to complete all types of upgrade work that may be needed.

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Visual Inspections

There are some instances when full inspection and testing of an installation is unnecessary but a basic visual inspection is needed. For example, a holiday cottage owner may request a visual inspection at the beginning of each season even though a full periodic inspection is done every five years.

Visual inspections will only identify visible faults such as cracked fittings or incorrect fuses but can be important in helping meet duty of care safety requirements.

Portable Appliance Tests (PAT’s)

All portable electrical appliances (those with plug tops) deteriorate over time.

In places where electrical appliances are available to the public, it is recommended they be periodically tested to ensure they are safe. The intervals between testing depend on the types of appliance and on where they are located, but re-testing is typically every 12 months.

Examples of where electrical appliances may require testing include public buildings, work places, schools, hotels and guest houses, holiday homes and rented accommodation.

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Full and Part Electrical Rewires

Full rewires can be quite disruptive and they are usually best undertaken as part of a major refurbishment or redecorating project. However, with careful organisation and communication they can be completed whilst properties are occupied and in use.

Electrical Rewires

Electrical Upgrades

Some electrical installations, though basically sound, may be in need of some upgrading. For example, a change in regulations could mean a circuit should have RCD protection, or additional circuits or socket outlets may be required.

Electrical Upgrades

Additions to an existing electrical installation

We carry out a full and complete range of all the small and large electrical works you might require. This includes installing extra sockets or lights, electric and power showers, ventilation fans, kitchen equipment and so on.

Electrical Additions

Electrical Breakdowns

We offer a breakdown service for any type of electrical fault including blown fuses, failed fittings or appliances, and circuits tripping. We also replace faulty heating controls and thermostats and immersion heaters.

Electrical Breakdowns


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