How we will carry out the inventory


Our clerks will arrange to attend your property at a mutually convenient time ensuring that health and safety measures are met; collecting keys or meeting you at the property. We will;

  • Note the condition of all décor, fixtures and fittings; gardens, garages and outhouses.
  • Make a photographic record of the entire property including furniture and the interior of all cupboards and features.
  • Record all meter readings and utility suppliers.
  • Produce a full report in .pdf format which will be emailed or posted to you within 24 hours of the appointment.

Access to all areas that will be available to the tenant will be needed, so please provide all keys for sheds or garages. Anything that is at the site will be recorded on the inventory so you should ensure that any personal effects or furniture not for the use of the tenant is removed. If there is heavy furniture or difficult to access areas, it may not be possible to make accurate recordings.

Please note: obviously you want your tenants to be happy and maintain the property properly but you should not leave paints or cleaning materials for their use. Some of these pose a health and safety risk and should therefore be removed. Also, anything provided should be in good condition as any injury arising from the use of say, a chair that is in poor repair and breaks during use, could result in a claim against you by the tenant. You will also be required to maintain anything provided so if you don’t want to have to keep changing swing bins or cutlery, remove it!

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How we will carry out check-ins and check-outs

Using our inventory, we will attend the property for check-in. The in-coming tenant needs to be present to confirm the details and sign off the report. If any changes are necessary – perhaps the property has been re-painted since the report was made; the changes will be recorded in the notes, photographs will be attached and the updated report will be signed off by the tenant. A signed copy will be sent to you and one will be provided to the tenant. Where the changes have been carried out without the inventory clerk being advised and a further visit becomes necessary, there may be extra charges for attendance.

For check-outs; it is desirable that the out-going tenant is present to resolve any queries at the time. Where the tenant is not present, a copy of the report should be provided to the out-going tenant within a reasonable time (usually within 5 days) and certainly before any work is carried out on the property. For instance; if the property has not been cleaned, the out-going tenant should be allowed a reasonable amount of time to carry out cleaning before charges are levied. Your contract should make it clear exactly what the tenant is liable for at the end of the tenancy.

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Inventories, check-ins and check-outs

By accurately recording the condition of the property with both a written and photographic report, your deposit can be safeguarded in the event of disputes.

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Our clerks provide a fully independent, professional service. They are CRB checked and will provide an accurate, efficient, polite and courteous service at all times.

Our commitment

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